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Cars, Trucks& Wagons    (large)   SOLD

Cars, Trucks& Wagons (large) SOLD

My “Naturewoodart” pictures are painted on slices from a basswood tree trunk.   The cuts are 5/8”thick, kiln dried to prevent splitting, sealed with shellac, and then painted with acrylic paint.   Objects are then added to compliment the main picture. These objects can be driftwood, barbed wire, rocks, rusty metal, or many other found items.   Driftwood comes from far northern Canadian lakes. The tannic acid in the water acts as a perfect preservative to eliminate any wood decay.  Severe arctic storms also tumble and abrade the wood into wonderful artistic shapes.  The final painting is coated with a clear acrylic varnish which allows easy dusting and cleaning.   An eye is provided for wall hanging or they can be set in a   shelf stand.                  

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