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Naturewood Art

My 'Naturewood Art' pictures are painted on slices from a basswood tree trunk.  The cuts are 5/8" thick, kiln dried to prevent splitting, sealed with shellac, and then painted with artists quality acrylic paint. Bark is left on the outside edge of the cut for a more natural effect. Objects are then added to compliment the main picture and give an extra dimensional effect.  These objects can be  driftwood, barbed wire, rocks, rusty metal or other found items..  The driftwood comes from northern Canadian lakes call stained lakes. Tannin in the water from the pine trees acts as a preservative, Severe Arctic storms  also roll and abrade the wood into artistic shapes. The finished painting is coated with a protective clear acrylic varnish so that the piece can  be cleaned. There is an eye is on the back for easy wall hanging or they can also be put on a shelf with a stand. Each painting is a unique, one of a kind, hand painted original.

I also enjoy wood burning the plaques. This process is called pyrography.  Artistic wood burning was done by all ancient cultures with a hot poker off the fire, Electric burning tools are used today. I use an electric hot pen just like a paintbrush.  Heat can be adjusted for darkness and tips can be changed for different effects. I also like to add asmall touch of paint to highlight the subject.

Sizes of paintings are categorized as Small, Medium and Large.  See "Questions" for more information. See the ruler shown next to each picture for a more accurate measurement..

Small: about..........6" x 9"
Medium: about..... 8" x 11"
Large: about ........11" x 16"