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Can I order a custom piece?

Yes. Due to my travel schedule, I cannot always promise a delivery date. Send an e mail of what you want including the size and price range.  No pets.  A rough sketch of the desired picture is also helpful. I will notify you first then post the finished work in the web store. No obligation to buy.


Do I teach classes?

I have taught a number of art classes in the past.  Feel free however to meet me at any show and I would be happy to answer any question or demonstrate any technique that I have. Even bring your materials if you want some advice.


Do I Make prints?

No prints. I do only hand painted original works of art. Most of the art work sold today are reprodictions ie. prints.  They make a very nice inexpensive wall decor. There are many types of reproduction techniques. To learn more about prints, especially if thinking they are investments.......Google: Prints vs Originals.  I quit making prints many years ago. I did not like working with the associated frames, glass,mats,and storage. I preferred to be painting pictures. Prints are mass produced into hundreds of low cost copies.  Originals are something special.

What are the sizes of the Plaques?  

I try to put sizes into groups. The following is an average but can be plus or minus an inch.  For an exact measurement look at the ruler next to each picture.   Small are about 7"X 9".   Medium are about 9" X11".   Large are about 10" X 15".  Extra large are about 12" X 17".